GNW Security Consultants, Inc.

Black Lives Matter


   Security Guards program:

1. Orientation- Introduction to Security

2. Criminal Law/ Laws of Arrest ( Legal Authority)

  A. Authority and responsibility of a Security Guard.

  B. Laws and Arrest

  C. Search and seizure

  D. Criminal Law and Recognizing Crimes

  E. Discuss ARS Title

3. Uniform and Grooming

  A. Arizona Law pertaining to Uniforms.

  B. Basic Hygiene Policy

4. Communications

  A. Written

  B. Human Relations/ Communication

  C. Use of Force/ levels of Force

5. Crime Scene Preservation/ First Response

  A. Responsibilities

  B. Reason for denial of entry to a crime scene.

  C. Procedures for protecting a crime scene.

  D. Emergency Response procedures.

  E. Practical Exercise

6. Ethics  Include a basic ethics policy in regard to good moral character.

  A. Guards on Duty

  B. Guards off duty

  C. Driving Courtesy ( on duty in Security Vehicles)

7. Sexual harassment

  A. Verbal

  B. Non Verbal

  C. Innuendos 

8. General Security Guard Procedures ( Post or Job Procedures)